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Warmly celebrate Anhui reliable steel technology co. ltd LTD was found in the fifth
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Date: 2014-06-04 10:36 Visits:
    Anhui baosteel technology co., LTD is a wholly foreign owned enterprise, located in anhui chuzhou QuanJiaoXian development zone.It is India's Technocraft corporation investment in China the first wholly owned enterprises.Technocraft (such as, India's g co., LTD.) is a company by a group dedicated to research and development of high precision products -- -- -- -- -- -- -- barrel mouth seal, scaffolding products such as multinational companies.Today, India's g such as, the company has entered into the world's second big barrel mouth parts manufacturers, an annual output of more than 21000000. Teck, such as the company was awarded the ISO9001:9002 certified company, headquartered in mumbai, India, its branches all over the UK, Poland, Hungary, the United States, Australia, in anhui province (China).Products are exported to about 60 countries.Teck, such as, geared to the needs of global customers, the company has 3000 technicians and engineers dedicated to the production and research and development the best quality products.Using the most advanced science and technology constantly updated production technology, in order to achieve high efficiency, excellent quality of the goal.Teck, such as, in 1977, the company is engaged in the export business.
We are looking for a distinguished position:
  Department name gender age requirements Monthly salary ranges (trial) Monthly salary range (positive
press There is no limit Within 45 nine 1500 1600-1800
welding male Within 45 seven 2000 2500-3500
The mould male Within 45 five 2000 2000-2500
inspection male Within 45 one 1800 1800-2300
Barrel mouth There is no limit Within 45 twenty-two 1300 1500-1600
The probation period for 1-3 months, according to individual circumstances.
Welfare treatment
Work 8 hours a day, every month has 3 to 4 days rest.
Pay endowment, medical, unemployment, work injury, maternity "five risks
The ability to work according to the wage increases.Company at noon the dining room, staff dormitory.
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Address: QuanJiaoXian economic development zone in anhui province through three road (1 road bus to Wu Zhuang service area)
Anhui baosteel technology co., LTD